Big City Marketing. 

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What We Do

Your customers have decided which company to buy from before they ever contact you. A good digital marketing  plan keeps you and your business at top of mind.  It’s all about finding your perfect customer, engaging them and nurturing that relationship so when they need your services they call you first. We handle the digital marketing. You have a business to run.

Social Media

Done right, focused social media marketing is a powerful tool.  We do it right for you because we care about you and your business.

Web Design

We build professional websites that showcase your expertise, easily integrates into your digital marketing strategy and turns visitors into customers.

Email Marketing

Our crafted email marketing strategies help your business develop and maintain relationships that over time results in increased sales and increased customer loyalty

Featured Blog Posts

Is Your Website Working for You?

Rightfully, small business owners and organization managers are spending their time on their business, on what they love. Very few small business owners do their own accounting, payroll and taxes. So why don’t they turn their website work and digital marketing over to...

What Has Janet Been Up To?

It’s no secret that I love this community.   I have worked in this area for 20 years and still I am compelled to engage with the business people and others I meet along the way, and I am truly interested in why they do what they do.   If you share that passion, then...

Tryon International Film Festival

Emerge Multimedia is the proud presenting sponsor of the Tryon International Film Festival. The Polk County Film Initiative (PCFI) is expanding its theme of bringing film production to Polk County by hosting the Tryon International Film Festival. The festival...


With Paul Buchanan, Local Author Emerge Multimedia LLC is launching their premier evening networking event, Get Social – After 5, on June 19th at 5:30pm at the GreenLife Inn at the Mimosa. The event is a collaboration for Buchanan Books by Emerge Multimedia partners...

Get Social – The Schedule

We're all over Polk County! We are making it easy for you to pop in, ask us your pressing digital marketing questions and then get back to work. We'll share our tips, tricks and trends with you so come on in and see us, in Columbus, Tryon and Saluda!

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