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What We Do

Our digital marketing services insure your business is the first choice when your ideal customers are ready to buy. You have a business to run. Let our experts handle the marketing.

Social Media

Done right, focused social media marketing is a powerful tool.  We do it right for you because we care about you and your business.

Web Design

We build professional websites that showcase your expertise, easily integrates into your digital marketing strategy and turns visitors into customers.

Email Marketing

Our crafted email marketing strategies help your business develop and maintain relationships that over time results in increased sales and increased customer loyalty

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Knowledge Center

Hello Google Gorgeous!

Do you need to introduce your business to Google? You bet!Using Google My Business makes it easier to get your business in front of the people looking for you.   Let Google know your location with Google Maps. People can find most anything on the entire planet...

Location, Location, Location

GEOSPATIAL DATA   What it is and what it means for your Google ranking!   The new adage for Google ranking is the old realtor’s adage: location, location, location. Mobile users are driving Google ranking algorithms thus placing high priority on local...

Does Your Website Need a Sitemap?

First of all, what is a Sitemap? Short answer, sitemaps make it easier for search engines to find all the content on your website. Sitemaps are a sort of flowchart for your website.   They not only allow both visitors and website design professionals to quickly...

Is Your Website Working for You?

Rightfully, small business owners and organization managers are spending their time on their business, on what they love. Very few small business owners do their own accounting, payroll and taxes. So why don’t they turn their website work and digital marketing over to...

What Has Janet Been Up To?

It’s no secret that I love this community.   I have worked in this area for 20 years and still I am compelled to engage with the business people and others I meet along the way, and I am truly interested in why they do what they do.   If you share that passion, then...

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