Full Service Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing uses internet and online based technologies across desktop computers, mobile phones, other digital devices, media and platforms to promote products and services. Digital Marketing encompasses all your online marketing efforts including your website, social media, podcasts, email newsletter, Google ranking and paid advertising such as Google Adwords.

You know your business. We know digital marketing. Let us know how our business can help yours.

Why you need it

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time.

The way people shop and spend is not only changing, it has changed and in a very substantial way.

This means offline print marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. Yesterday meant newspapers,  phone books and magazines.

Today, it means the internet.

Why you need us

Sure, we have excellent professional results-oriented experience and we can bring the entire Web to bear, connecting you to your ideal clients, because we know their online habits.

What sets us apart is our unique insight into our economic community; we can also connect you to complimentary businesses and supportive organizations.

Need new signage or a banner? We have an expert. Would your Airbnb visitors appreciate access to a personal chef? We know two. How about professional portraits for your website & LinkedIn profile or an awesome promotional video? We know the best.

We really do connect you where it counts!

Social Media Marketing

(It’s All in the Plan, Baby!)

There is no one size fits all, each digital marketing campaign is tailored to you, your business, your area, your customers and your needs. Maybe you already have a Facebook page, but like any tool, is it collecting dust in your toolbox? Is it the right tool? We connect you where it counts.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, whether you already have a page or need one, maybe more, we can set it up or enhance it and put it to work for you.

Plans start as low as $95/month for a single platform or chose a 3-pack ($225/month) or 4-pack ($275/month)


Email Marketing

(Hey, here’s the latest 411 – tell your friends!)

Why email marketing? The reason is clear–for ten years in a row, email is the category generating the highest ROI for marketers.

Despite a bazillion tools available to marketers, email marketing is simply the best bet for business growth. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates the highest ROI.

  • Set up – $250 (design/layout, up to 500 email addresses)
  • Set up – $325 (design/layout, over 500 email addresses)
  • Newsletter – $75/hour

*Does not include third party email marketing software fees


  (Welcome, Welcome! Stay for Dinner!)

​You’ve seen the ads – free website, super easy! Sure easy for someone who knows the ins and outs of buildinig websites! Don’t waste your valuable time and energy on a steep learning curve and endless frustration. At Emerge Multimedia, we understand that you have better things to do with your time for your business. 

Your website is a powerful tool that goes beyond being a mere online rack card. It serves as your 24/7 front office assistant, addressing common queries and showcasing why prospects should choose your business. It enables customers to make purchases, schedule appointments, and pay for services. It’s the perfect platform for managing your business and reaching your target market even while you sleep. At Emerge Multimedia, our mission is to offer full-service website solutions tailored to your needs, including website design, search engine optimization, mobile optimization, analytics, blogging, and more. Let us help you unlock the true potential of your website.

  • 3 page simple – $1250
  • 5 pages plus – $2000+
  • SEO Optimization, Google Analytics – $275
  • Google Business Profile set up – $125
  • Management and Maintenance – $79/hour (landing pages, promotions, integrate with social media or other third party systems, updates)

*Does not include graphic design work such as logo design or landing page graphics
*Does not include hosting or other third party software fees

In 2022, online mobile users accounted for 55% of all internet usage. That means your website needs to be optimized for search engines and mobile devices i.e., your website needs to be fast and user friendly. We are now offering a website assessment for $175 with $100 credited back to you with any future services with us – what a deal!


(Raise your hand if you want more website visitors!)

Increase your website’s visibility and drive traffic with engaging blog posts! Each blog post creates an indexed page, increasing your chances of showing up in search engines and attracting visitors. Share your posts on social networks and in email promotions to gain even more benefits. Position yourself as an expert in your industry and reach a new audience. Don’t forget to include a call to action in every post to generate leads and drive sales. Start blogging today and watch your online presence grow! (Yea!)

Blogs formatted with interesting, informative content and posted to your website can be shared by you and other people on social networks and email &newsletter promotions. That’s three more benefits for the effort of one. Blogs help you become recognized as a subject matter expert and expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet (Yea!)

Every blog post should have a call to action and that can generate leads or drive sales (Yea!)

Per post – $65



Emerge Multimedia now offers:

e-Commerce – shopping cart, payments and scheduling services. $250+

Video Creation – we can take your photos or blog content and create simple videos suitable for website and social media use. $75/hour

Logo Design – we create a stunning logo for you that is visually effective across print and product media. $350

Graphic Design – business cards, rack cards, flyers, image customizations and more! $75/hour




As a small business owner I’ve had to learn (usually by trial and error), how to do a lot of things myself, including creating our web site, blog and other marketing and social media efforts. However, I’m well aware that I don’t know what I don’t know about the intricacies of all these things. That’s why I decided to get help from Emerge Multimedia.

I’ve known Janet and Nadine for many years and have complete confidence in their knowledge of the areas where I wanted help, and their professionalism. They combine an unparalleled understanding of the Foothills market and the best ways to connect with prospective clients with a positive approach that makes working with them very enjoyable.

They gave me a thorough analysis that outlined what was working and what needs improvement, including the things I can do myself, and ways they can support me. This is exactly what I wanted to be sure Sterling Property Services is on track for the new year.

Every small business can benefit from this kind of objective analysis, and I highly recommend Nadine and Janet from Emerge Multimedia to do it.

Sandy LeRoy

Sterling Property Services

Nadine was a pleasure to work with, getting great feed back on the terrific website.
Dean Geier

The Cottage at Ridgewood Farm

Absolutely the best. Amy will take care of all your marketing needs.
Ernie Smith

Ernie Smith Racing

Great group. Everyone in my line of work needs to hire these guys!
Ted Chavarria

Polk County Vinyl Designs

Emerge Multimedia Client logos graphic

The way business survives has changed. Are you ready?