Using Google Business Profile to Make Google Happy

Just like with all of your marketing efforts the first thing you consider is:

  1. Who is my ideal client?
  2. How do I inspire them to come to me?

About half of all Google searches are for local information and you want your business to show up in those search results. Google Business Profile is one of the most powerful tools to attract your clients and put you in front of them when they are searching for your services. This tool is available… wait for it… for free!

Keep reading or watch the condensed version in video, below.


You might have heard of Google My Business? It is basically the same thing, just reworked and updated, so if you already have Google My Business, congratulations, you already have your Google Business Profile! If not, go to Google Business Profile, enter the name of your business, and follow the instructions to create your profile.

Google Business Profile (GBP,) allows you to introduce your business to Google. You tell it the nature of your business, location, hours, business description, etc. You can upload your logo, a cover photo of your business and lots more, even your products with links to your product pages!

We all know Google loves fresh relevant content and it takes surprisingly little time to provide it once your Profile is set up. There are five things on GBP that make Google very happy, and when Google is happy you move up in the rankings. Do these five things consistently for 6 months and your organic Google ranking is sure to improve!

The five things that make Google happy are:


In your GBP dashboard click on Add Photos. You’ll be able to add your logo, a cover photo, and regular photos. Be sure to use good quality photos that you take yourself or that you own. Google will scrutinize them. Upload at least 1 photo/month.


Use the “Add an Update” feature to add a post. There are two types of posts: Posts and Events. Each one will allow you to add photos and a Call-to-Action button. The Call-to-Action may be “learn more”, “buy now” or others and you ought to always consider adding this feature. Plan to add one post or event each week.

  1. Posts- Like a social media post, you can add interesting information about your business, short and sweet, like a mini press release, new staff member, menu item, product, company sponsorship, etc. You could even do a little blurb about each one of your website pages, don’t forget the Call-to-Action “learn more” to send them to the full page on your website.
  2. Events – These can be your events or community or other events that would be of interest to your audience. You can add the start date/time and end date/time as well as a description of the event. Your Call-to-Action could link to a landing page for full details or where they could purchase tickets.


Get in the habit of asking for reviews. GBP gives you a handy link to share with your customers online. When a service has been provided, give them your review link immediately and ask for a review, while the satisfied service is fresh in their minds. If you have a lot of foot traffic to your business like a restaurant or salon, consider creating a QR code and displaying it near your register so customers can scan the code and leave you a review!

Review Responses

Google will keep track of your responses to reviews. They will email you a notification when a review is left. It is good practice to respond within 48 hours. Personalize your response and repeat back something positive they mentioned. For example, “Robin, thank you for your review, we strive to provide outstanding service to everyone all the time. Thank you for noticing.” If you get a bad review, and they do happen, consider responding with “Thank you for your feedback, please call me at ….” giving your phone number. Note: it is very rare to get a call, they usually just want to rant anonymously. Then get a good customer to leave you a good review to push that bad one off the top!

Fresh Descriptions

Change your GBP business description every 3-4 months. Just a little tweak or rewording is all you need. This will cause Google to update your profile and look at what’s new!

Research indicates the best time to post on GBP is in the morning between 9:00am and 11:00am. The best days to post are Thursday & Friday, followed by Monday or Tuesday. Consistency is key, so make a plan. If you’d like, here is our GMB Quarterly Posting Plan for you to use to get you started.


Want to Learn More?

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