To Skyrocket Your Last Minute Online Sales!

Jingle all the way!


The holiday season is almost here! Keep reading or watch the condensed version, below:


For business owners like you, it’s a tremendous opportunity to increase sales, earn some serious money and deepen the connection with your customers.

Let’s get started making your online store ready for this holiday shopping season!

  1. Look at your customer demographics – Google what’s trending for your top three demographics and incorporate those images and keywords into your promotions and product mockups. Customers are more likely to open and respond to offers highly relevant to them.
  1. Send a Holiday eCard – to all your customers. Include personal, family, pet or employee photos with the card. After you send it, you can continue to make use of the card by posting it to your website and featuring it in your social media. Then collect all your purchasers’ emails to send a special thank you holiday card. Customers are more likely to open and respond to offers with a personal touch.
  1. Ramp up your email marketing – Create an email they can scan quickly making it easy to spot interesting offers. They’re already in a shopping frame of mind, so emails seem less intrusive and more helpful.
    • Send on a regular schedule
    • Showcase new products or services
    • Feature a worthy cause
    • Promote sales and special offers (i.e., Deal of the Week, Free shipping this week only)
  1. Advertise on Facebook – Facebook’s global advertising audience is 2.168 billion ( and offers a wealth of user data. Drill down on demographics and other marketing relevant traits to target your ideal audience. A well-crafted ad, whether a static image or an in-stream ad, with the psychology of the season on your side, makes Facebook advertising a great way to increase your holiday traffiic.
  1. Make a holiday video – Video continues to strongly influence traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding. Viewers are 4 times more likely to click-through online video ads ( Be imaginative, Appeal to viewers’ emotions and keep these tips in mind when crafting your video:
    • grab your audience’s attention immediately by creating a compelling hook
    • keep it short – 30seconds or less
    • focus on solving a specific problem rather than focusing on your product/service
    • make it personal, help your brand’s message resonate with your viewers.

Then post your video on your website and across all your social media platforms!

Wishing You and Yours a Very Profitable and Merry Christmas from Your Emerge Multimedia team: Amy, Janet and Nadine!