Want to learn how to post effectively on your social media sites? I’ll teach you.

Why should you put your business on social media? Social media sites are overwhelmingly replacing print media. How many of you subscribe to as many newspapers or magazines as you did 10 years ago? You don’t, instead you have joined Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and others. You read them daily, on your mobile devices, and that is where you look first. With over 2 Billion people on Facebook every month, surely some of your customers are there, so why not grab them?

I want to share a few examples of clients who wanted to learn how to manage social media sites themselves and hired us to train them. There are online courses, webinars, etc., but isn’t it nicer to meet in person with your local expert, at a cozy coffee shop?

Client A recently rebranded her company and started a new website on Squarespace. No matter what the commercials say about how easy it is to create your own website – for the average business-owner, who is working a lot of hours on their own business – if you do not know the language of website building, this will end up being a daunting task that can suck up many hours of your time. So, she came to us, and said “help!” and we got her fixed up promptly. Her website is her storefront, which is WHERE EVERYTHING ABO UT YOUR BUSINESS IS.

Next, she wanted to start a Facebook Business page, which we set up for her. Having already met quite a few times to get to know her and her business, it was easier to focus on the right content to post. We started meeting for an hour at a time every other week or so and walked her through the steps. We gave her an outline of how to create Facebook posts that are engaging, and how to schedule them for peak viewing days and times, using the 33%-33%-33% rule (your business, value to your customer, fun cool stuff). Next came Instagram and Pinterest. I chose these as the best sites for engagement with her target market. We have met 5 times for an hour and she leaves each time with “homework”, and works on the tasks during the week. Now she is creating regular posts, newsletters, and has brought more viewers to her website. This will result in higher rankings with Google.

Client B wanted to learn how to create engaging Facebook posts. We showed him how to link different essentials from his website, explained how often to do it, and how to track it. He did one post, then got too busy, and now that post is a year old. The one post still gets occasional engagement – imagine if he’d stuck with the plan!

I’m going to throw in Client C, who did not have a website, no social media, and was stumped as to why his business (which had been open for 8 years) did not come up in any Google searches! It’s pretty clear that in 2020 if you are not sharing your business online you may be invisible.
Managing social media sites takes time, but if you know what you are doing, and have a plan, a focus, and photos of your products and can talk about it knowledgably, you can schedule a few hours each week to get it done. You must use it, keep it fresh, then track the results with Facebook insights.
This is the beauty of social media marketing! (Compared to a magazine or newspaper ad – you have no idea who or how many saw it and it costs so much more).

Even when trained on what to do, many clients find they don’t or can’t take the time to give social media the priority it requires to be an effective tool for finding and attracting their target audience to their business. They then end up recruiting us to do it for them.

Whether you want training to engage social media yourself or need someone to do it for you, whichever way fits your business, your time, your priorities; you decide. We are affordable and here for you.