Rightfully, small business owners and organization managers are spending their time on their business, on what they love. Very few small business owners do their own accounting, payroll and taxes. So why don’t they turn their website work and digital marketing over to professionals? Because successful business owners are classic self-reliant diy’ers.
They know they need a website or the one they have needs help or, at the least, updating. Or they recognize the value of consistent blogging. And, they mean to do it, but as the business day unfolds and trying to balance work and family, it slips further and further down the priority list.
For owners and managers that do have websites here are the most common complaints they share.

I Don’t Have Time

Many small business owners have the fundamental skills to add blogs and other content to their website. They recognize the value of a robust website and they mean to do it. Yet as the business day unfolds, and also seeing the need to balance work and family, that to-do slips further and further down the priority list.

My Webmaster is Unresponsive

That’s because their website builder isn’t a professional but a well-meaning:
• cousin
• brother’s now ex-girlfriend
• neighbor
• organization member
• etc.
Even worse than the above is if the webmaster is a paid professional but for whatever reason they do not respond to website update requests within 72 hours. Who knows why? Maybe it’s a big firm and you are a little client, or maybe it is an overwhelmed small firm. Either way, it is a disservice to your business.

I Don’t get Visitors to My Website

Staying on top of Google’s latest search engine trends can be a challenging task. Do you have more photos than keywords? Google doesn’t see your yummy eggplant stacks. Even with analytics and keyword tools that can help elevate your Google ranking, it, too, takes precious time away from your business and family.

Visitors Don’t Stay

You have 5-8 seconds to capture your visitors’ attention. After 8 seconds, most visitors leave. There can be several reasons visitors do not linger. Does it take too long to load? Is it mobile friendly? Is it easy to navigate, to find what they are looking for? It’s important to remember that while ranking matters, good search engine visibility is only part of the equation. Increased traffic that leads to conversions is the real goal. Here are a few considerations when a visitor lands on your homepage:

1. Does it load quickly? Research indicates 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Consider this: mobile users make up 67% of online users. Is your website has to be optimized for mobile users
2. What is this website about? Your visitor should be able to figure out what your website or business is about within the first few seconds of landing on the page through your headings, slogan, and visual & text content.
3. Is it captivating? Your website must capture visitors’ interest in the first few seconds. You can accomplish this with a well thought out and up-to-date design. Beware distractions and clutter.
4. What are they supposed to do? Optimize your website to turn visitors into sales or leads. A clear call to action telling website visitors how or where to buy, fill out a form, or other action is critical to a successful website.
5. Do they want to share it? Is your design or content so awesome that everyone who lands on the website wants to show everyone? Do you have social media icons handy for sharing?

An effective website is vital to your business. An effective website gives you credibility, saves you money (marketing ROI, conversions, etc.,) and saves you time. You want a professional on your side?

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